Does Blogging Make Money And 3 Secret Truths Why Blogging Really Makes Money For You

Concentrate first and foremost on becoming most popular blogs on the internet . This means actively stepping out of the role of sales person, and stepping into the roles of counselor, expert and leader offering interesting, useful, helpful and entertaining information that improves, saves and supports potential customers.

top business blogs The free hosting providers are at liberty to close down their services anytime. Of course these companies inform you well in advance as per terms and conditions but movement of data to new server in that case becomes inevitable. If the hosting company closes new registration but keeps all the live domains as it is then you can redirect your created links to the new domain but if they completely shut down their services then redirecting of old links will not be possible. of setting old links will be wasted.

%anchor_text% %anchor_text% You will want to establish yourself as an expert on the topic you are writing about. When you write for your blog you should stick with one topic and target it to a specific audience.

Your second concern should be on how exactly you would like to monetize your blog and earn money. Blogging to earn money can be done in many ways. interesting blog sites decide to sell their own products to their readers while others like to sell other people’s products as affiliates. Hell some people like to do both and earn insane amounts of money month to month doing it.

For example, suppose your content was about “7 Ways to Train Your Parrot”, and your “buy now” button is created to entice people who may be interested in business technology blogs. The keyword phrase would be more likely to rank high on Google. However, people who are looking to train their parrots would be less likely to want to purchase an online marketing system.

You should determine what fits properly with your blog and what is comfortable with your readers. Adding Google AdSense can be a great alternative to selling products and services. A top ten blogs set up with Google AdSense properly can earn thousands and thousands over a long period of time.

Many of the %anchor_text% will hire blog writers or guest blog writers. The benefit to the blog writer is they get to include a resource box at the bottom of the article they write.

When you have established this by answering those six vital honing-in questions, you will be able to establish the target niche – and aim – of your blog. For example, you may have established that: out of people who buy flowers in your area, your target niche are women entrepreneurs between 30 and 40 years old, who want to have beautiful flowers, not only brighten their homes, but their work places too. But most popular fashion blogs don’t want to bother with arranging bouquets themselves. Oh yes, and they’re Fung Shui addicts too.

%anchor_text% %anchor_text% You can also feed traffic into your blog from other content sources. Article directories are great at providing these and this takes some of the pressure off of you having to produce your own content all the time.

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