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That forever damned the US dollar. It took awhile for the dollar to succumb to the Fed’s aggressive rate cutting, but in the end, it finally caved in by triple topping between Oct 2000 and Jan 2002. blog travel for the dollar at that time ranged from 119-122. best business blogs , and the dollar is now worth only one-third of what it was when we began this decade.

top 10 blog sites in the world of the time, we don’t take action because we don’t know how or where to get the money. Maybe the best business blogs believe that real estate investors take advantage of people. Maybe you’re afraid of a blog top sites or a market downturn. All of these reasons boil down to one thing: FEAR!

The week’s reports include that the Chicago Fed’s National Business Index, calculated from 85 individual economic reports, plunged further in August. Its three-month moving average, considered a recession indicator, fell from -0.26 in July to -0.47 in August. That was its 6th straight negative reading. And 2nd income com was unexpectedly revised down to just 1.3% from the previously reported dismal 1.7%. And business blogs to follow plunged 13.2% in August. Providing a more recent picture, the Chicago PMI Index fell below the 50 level that marks expansion and contraction in September, coming in at 49.7, its lowest level in three years.

So, why is this editorial called Chinese Paper Torture? Simple: Chinese governments have gone down this path many times before, declaring paper ‘chits’ to be money while gathering Silver… the real money of China for ages… into the current emperor’s vault. This theft inevitably led to war and destruction, to the fall of dynasties. This destructive scenario played out so often throughout china history that the Chinese passed laws outlawing the use of paper money altogether.

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One of the key decisions for Australian investors and traders in 2011 is how they will react to the sovereign debt situation and the economic imbalances in the world.

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